Reasons Commercial Building Surveying Professionals Are Hired

Commercial building surveying can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Hiring a chartered surveyor for your residential or commercial scenario should be a fairly easy proposition so that you can resolve the questions or issues at hand. Read on for reasons a commercial building may require surveying.

Should you hire a building surveyor? Whether it’s reactive or proactive, there are many reasons this professional can help. Here are some of the common reasons a surveyor could be required in the commercial sector:

Landlord / Tenant Issues

Whether you’re a landlord of a commercial property that needs to assess whether or not tenants are taking good care of your building or are a commercial tenant who needs to show that your landlord is not living up to their end of your lease and / or government requirements, having the building assessed by a professional can help. A trained eye will be able to adequately analyse the situation and make appropriate recommendations.

Asset Value Assessment

If you need to know how much your commercial property is worth, this can be done by a surveying professional. It can be done for the purposes of acquiring a new building, obtaining a financial loan on an existing building, or having an assessment done due to damages required by insurance or damages done by a tenant.

Risk Assessment

There are times when something can pose a risk to a location and expert advice is needed to minimise the risk for protection of assets and protection of others.

Construction / Renovation / Restoration Planning

When a major change is happening, you may be required to have an assessment done for the purposes of planning and approval by council and / or by neighbours. A professional commercial building surveying company can help with that.

Many surveying professionals will also do project management and consulting services to help with a major renovation or restoration. Having the ability to assess risk and plan can be helpful, especially because at times there will be surprises throughout a major building project and a skilled project manager can manage the process with safety and budgetary requirements kept in mind.

You may also be interested in a survey for a specific reason, such as an energy survey to advise you whether or not the building is energy efficient.

What does a surveyor do?

A building surveyor is a skilled individual with professional training and accreditation in the area they live in. They understand government requirements in their region and in England a building surveyor should have accreditation with The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. The process of commercial building surveying has many facets, such as: inspection, measurement, analytics, and recommendations for asset protection, safety, and protection of people and property in the vicinity of that commercial building.

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